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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

Training and Consulting in New Tools for Effective Web Use

This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Introduction to the Concepts

I hope this page is a helpful starting point for readers. Included here are links to the articles I've written about the tools I aim to teach people about: blogs, podcasting, search, social bookmarking, syndication (RSS), and wikis. I am working on a better system of catagorization and will make it available soon.

Perhaps the most well known new web tool, blogs are a simple way for anyone to add writing to their own web page. Blogs are intended to expand who has a voice online, but can also be used internally within organizations. Blogs are filled with links and are typically updated quickly and often. (Longer concept intro here.)

Seach my blog for articles about blogging here.

Podcasts are MP3 format audio files, typically delivered as attachments in syndicated RSS feeds (see definition below). They are essentially syndicated radio shows that you can subscribe to and play on a portable MP3 player or your computer whenever you like. Podcasting can also be used internally to communicate within organizations. (Longer concept intro here.)

Search my blog for articles about podcasting here.

Rush Limbaugh to Podcast
A New All Podcast AM Radio Station
Podscope: Search for Podcasts
Podcasting Section Updated
Podcast Review: Geek News Central
Rupert Murdoch (Fox) on Blogs and Podcasting
Beyond the White Male Blogosphere

Searching on the internet can be done with far more powerful tools than big commercial search engines; automated persistent search for key content, multimedia searching and searching with multiple engines at once are just a few possibilities. (Longer concept into here.)

Persistent Search with Google News and RSS
Search: Local Harvest
Podscope: Search for Podcasts
Who's Writing About You Online (persistent search)
Two Cool Google Tools: XtraGoogle and Soople
Search Engine News

Social Bookmarking/ Folksonomy
A new class of online tools lets you bookmark web sites you find into a personal web archive, lets you organize them by categories or subject tags, lets you share them by subject with others, and recommends other web content or users' archive streams similar to what you've bookmarked. This is only the beginning of what some tools offer. The basic idea is to allow web users to collaboratively classify what they find on the web, instead of relying on centralized systems of organization and discovery. (Longer concept intro here.)

Getting the Most Out of Furl: Part I
Flickr: The Secret Life of Plants
Educause's Intro to Social Bookmarking
Folksonomy, Tagging and Intranets (IBM)

Syndication (RSS)
A growing number of organizations are using syndicated "feeds" to deliver news and other content; when you open your feed reader inbox, it will automatically visit each feed you are subscribed to and deliver any new headlines to your inbox. No more forgetting the web addresses of your favorite sites, visiting sites that haven't been updated, or getting news sent to you from sources you haven't requested. That means more and better information in less time. (Longer concept intro here.)

Google Portal: Proof of Fallibility
Persistent Search with Google News and RSS
Sample Feed Aggregator Account Created (read here to get user name and password)
RSS: Using Feedburner
What's in Your Aggregator?

Wikis are special web sites that anyone can edit with one click, where all previous versions of a page can be viewed, and any changes made trigger an automatic email sent to all users of the wiki. Wikis are made for collaborative knowledge and document development by people in different places at different times. (Longer concept intro here.)

Exciting New Tool: Wikalong

Ride Oregon: A Wiki With Tags
Wiki Manners
Wiki session completed
Wiki Training Talking Points
Wiki Software Pre-Use Reviews
Wiki Implementation

If you appreciate the information here, you'll love a training or consulting session for your personal work or your organization about the use of any or all of these tools. I also offer a free email newsletter that discusses many useful new developments in the online world. Short of contacting my sliding scale services, you can also make a PayPal donation to support this important work expanding access to these tools beyond a corporate context.

I hope you find this blog useful and thank you for visiting.
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