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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

Training and Consulting in New Tools for Effective Web Use

This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

My Services

Note: I'm working on changing this page to reflect the discussion in this post.

I offer services ranging from training or consulting in the use of any of the individual tools I assist with (see my introduction to concepts) to sessions getting you up to speed on all of them together.

My goals: To help you be one of the people who knows the most about your field, fastest; to make your organization more cohesive and effective; to make your promotional communication less intrusive and more exciting.

See this post to read client feedback.

After some discussion about the work you do and how we might best apply these tools to your current practices, sessions can last from 2 hours to all day or longer. Look over the various tools discussed here and check out the recent articles on the front page of this blog. If you cannot immediately think of how you could apply these concepts to enhance your work, I can probably think of several possibilities that would be exciting for both of us. Send me an email (emailmarshall@gmail.com) and I'll give you a call to discuss it. You can also email me to subscribe to a free email newsletter.

Some of the things I'd most like to do right now: Personal blogs for employment promotion, podcast production, and RSS Radar creation for theme based web sites. (see introduction to concepts if you are unfamiliar with these terms)

Just to give you some idea of how the web-tool consulting and training industry looks, some other people offering similar services include: John Jantsch, Online Strategies, Technical Assistance for Community Services, Full Circle Associates, Radiant Marketing Group, and 5ive.

None of the above offer training in all the tools I do. I haven't found anyone who does.

Many of them also focus on large corporate clients, while I would like to expand the use of these tools outward into other groups. Those of us concerned about the ascendancy of the political Right in the United States need to use these tools so that our work can be done as effectively as possible. They are incredibly useful. The stakes are much higher than whether I make a living doing this or not, so I work on a sliding scale fee. If you aren't thrilled by what I can show you, then my time is at no cost to you. I know that you'll it; these tools will change your work and life immeasurably.

Contact me to discuss possible projects and rates. I can be emailed via emailmarshall@gmail.com
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