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40% of Surveyed Web Users Read Political Blogs

From a new survey done by Harris Interactive:
Two-fifths (44%) of U.S. adults who are online have read a political blog, with more than a quarter (27%) reading them once a month or more. Despite the relatively high proportion of respondents reading political blogs, just seven percent of adults who are online have ever posted a comment on one. Even among those who read political blogs, only 15 percent have posted a comment. These are some of the results of a nationwide online survey of 2,630 U.S. adults who are online, conducted by Harris Interactive(R) between March 8 and14, 2005. ( Press Release)

This appears to support an earlier, widely discussed Pew Survey that found that 62% of all internet users do not know what a blog is. (Pew Center for Internet and Society, "The State of Blogging" January 2005)

Of course there are far more potential uses for blogs than politics, but just as the field was allegedly once dominated by kitten-literature ("mykittenissocuteOMG;)"), hopefully more diverse uses of blogs will increase as well. If you can think of a reason to communicate chronologically online and encourage comments, links and maybe externally generated content streams...you've got a job for a blog.

And apparently you'll have readers, as it is an increasingly familiar medium. See also the following post re Rupert Murdoch on blogs and podcasting.

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