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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Ride Oregon: A Wiki With Tags

Just discovered a neat new wiki that uses tags, and is about the area I live in! Ride Oregon is a wiki about bike ride routes around the state and they are organized by tags. Using a free, Google Adsense supported service called Schtuff, it seems like a good use of free hosted wiki software. The wiki was designed by an employee of Schtuff's parent company, Jan Rain Inc.

A comparison would be warranted between this free hosted wiki and others, like the folks at Wikispaces (who emailed me last week for thoughts on their wiki), Seedwiki (the one I've used the most), and of course the Wikipedia spin-off, Wikicities. Almost all of these services use Google contextual ads to pay for the free services and I don't mind that a bit. I think it's interesting to see who is bidding on what key words.

Comparative reviews are hard to come by, for some odd reason, so I'll be working on a number of them in the coming weeks. But one has to ask, why are people creating more and more free hosted wiki services? At what point will the market reach saturation? Hopefully there will be a growing demand for more and more wikis in the world (I hope to help lots of people set them up), but considering the advantages of hosting your own wiki with software you have control over (an option admittedly limited to those with good tech skills or support) I hope that all these new wiki companies can support themselves!

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