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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Who's Writing About You Online?

Todd the Geek said thanks for the review I wrote of his show (see below) in the most recent episode (MP3 file here) of Geek News Central. (The show is a podcast.) Nothing too in depth, but some honest appreciation for the kind words here and a link on the episode's link list. Cool!

I found out about it via my Technorati "Watch List", a feature available with a free account at Technorati. You simply perform a Technorati search for a web address or search term that you are interested in watching (in this case, my blog address) and select "make this a watch-list." Technorati then continuously scans the blogosphere for that link and I receive notification of new results via RSS (definition.) You can use Technorati even if you don't use RSS yet. Todd the Geek probably found out about the review I wrote using the same tool, or another he has said he uses, called Pubsub.

These are incredible tools that are useful for staying abreast of issues, tracking your reputation, and being present for any conversations online that touch on what you've already written. For example, I've been notified automatically that the following other blogs have also linked to mine, just using Technorati:

Endgadgeted.net again
Daniel Lemire

Pubsub found all the same posts that linked to my blog, except the UO MCC, which surprises me because it is a Blogger (blogspot) blog, Google's hosted system that I would think would be indexed towards the top of the list. Obviously, it makes the most sense to set up accounts with both Pubsub and Technorati. One of the large visions I have of what I want to do for clients is to integrate these services for maximum usefulness, along with a syndicated feed reader (RSS) and a social bookmarking service. Rapid, automatic awareness of what people are writing online about you or your key search terms of interest is a powerful part of a larger research or communications practice. Cutting edge corporations know who is writing about them online instantly, often using these same tools. It's past time for other people to adopt and adapt tools like these.

See also: GoogleAlert does a Google search for your search term every day and emails you if it finds anything new. (RSS also available.) This may be better suited for people or subjects written about more on static web pages than on blogs.

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