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Blogging the Government

I've been too busy to blog for a little while as I'm working on a couple of content production gigs for other peoples' websites. It's always a challenge to consistently keep producing content for multiple outlets. Acclimating to that challenge is one of the things I discuss with folks I set up blogs for.

Speaking of blogs, a new story in the Times of India reports that the Indian government is working on some formal rules for accrediting bloggers to cover government affairs. Blogs are really entering the mainstream around the world - all the more reason for folks outside the mainstream to enter blogs. Not to get more predictable themselves, but to keep the blogosphere from getting too predictable. If the "blogs covering government" space gets filled predominantly with folks writing traditional online columns, with a relatively narrow spectrum of political perspectives -- it will be a real disservice to the medium.

Photo of a wedding in India via Flickr user Alon Laudon

Accredited or not, I hope that lots of freaky bloggers will start using tools like GovTrack to ramp up their timely knowledge of US government actions, as well as all the other different tools now available to research and communicate. Blogs covering government is one story, but groups like disability rights activists, immigration organizers, etc. using not just blogs but persistent search, podcasting, etc. (definitions) to research and report on the state would really be exciting.

Thanks to the daily Furl feed of Amy Gahran for the Times of India Story. Gahran is a "Content Strategist, Info Provocateur" who runs the blog Contentious.
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