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Rush Limbaugh to Podcast

Billboard magazine's Radio Monitor website reports that the demonic Rush Limbaugh will soon begin to offer his daily show as a podcast, or at least an MP3 file that can be downloaded to a portable player. The Podcast version will be stripped of advertisements and break music, in addition to being listenable in any place at any time as are all podcasts.

Podcasting is not expensive, or difficult to do. The only reason that a big elite media organization like Limbaugh's would start doing it is because they are paying attention to new forms of media and have the energy to make it happen. You might have that energy too. If you do, please contact me and we'll get you recording, promoting and Rush-pre-empting in no time.

For now the best I can offer is to say -- go check out Democracy Now! Though it's usually filled with bad news, it's so well done that it will make you feel better. Even if you only get to listen to the headlines in the first ten minutes, that part of the show is so powerful that you'll be less likely to be kept up at night worrying about this whole Rush Limbaugh podcasting thing.

Thanks to Steve Rubel's blog Micropersuasion for the tip, though he may not agree with the politics.

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