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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Traffic: Busy Enough For Me

It's been a slow weekend so far in terms of people visiting this blog. My girlfriend says that's because other people are camping for the holliday instead of being online (hint hint, she says). Point taken, but I thought I'd blog a bit about traffic, and some of the interesting things I've noticed so far.

I got the idea to write a bit about the traffic to my blog first from the Nate and Di Show, where a "Top 10 Countries, Top 20 Cities" list is a regular part of the podcast. They have fun announcing their changing list of visitors, and in particular that their show recorded in a Carolina beach storage shed has a number of listeners in Zimbabwe.

Also, when working with a client last week, the fact that I could say that my little blog allready gets read by people all around the world was an eyebrow raiser for someone interested in doing online content production for the first time.

So, since no one but my mom and dad posts regularly here yet, I thought I'd tell you about who is reading the blog quietly. Using the free, easy and totally legit services of StatCounter.com, I can check each day how many visitors I've gotten, how long they spent on the blog, what links they clicked, etc.

At the begining of this month, it was not uncommon for me to get between 2 and 5 visitors per day. Hopefully those days are gone. This week my low has been 10 (today) and my high was 36 (Wednesday). That Wednesday, I had 75 page loads! That's front page visits plus clicks on internal links. That was exciting for me, though I'm sure in the near future that may seem like a very small number. That would be nice.

The majority of visitors here come looking for one thing: my comparative review of different wiki software via google and Technorati Tag Searches. I had no idea that people would be so interested in that when I wrote it several months ago. I wish other entries got half as much attention, but I hope those ones can be of service.

So, who's coming here? A number of people have visited recently from the Netherlands, via a link in a wiki I can't read.

Somebody from Union, New Jersey is all about it, having returned to the site 7 times so far. Hi!

Sombody just up the road in Portland, spent an hour and a half on the site yesterday. Let me know who you are and maybe we can get a beer together next time I'm in town!

Italy, Germany, Australia, quite a few folks from the UK. India, Canada. TX, MA, UT and sometimes here in my home town.

There was a Floridian coming here regularly for awhile.

These numbers are relatively small, and I've barely done any promotion. But I'm excited about getting this many visitors from so many places. That's what being online can do. I hope people who read the blog are finding something useful in it.

Overall, this blog has had 122 visitors over the last week. That feels great! If you don't mind my mentioning my personal life, I worked an 80 hour week this week between my 4 different jobs (starting this consulting biz, web content developement in concert with a friend's design company, managing the 3 unit rental property I live at with 2 new groups of tenants this month, and I worked 38 hours at a convenience store. Must quit convenience store.) I feel pretty satisfied with having 122 people come check out what I'm writing during a week like this, and I'm excited to see what that traffic looks like in one, six and twelve months. I hope that writing useful content and making it easily findable will lead to what I produce being found, used and enjoyed.

Thanks for visiting!

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