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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

Training and Consulting in New Tools for Effective Web Use

This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Blogger Now Hosts Your Images, and Mine!

Here's picture number one of me, hanging out at the park by the river that runs through my home town. It's a great park. We were having a picnic with my girlfriend's sister, partner and daughter. It was a nice day and then we went bowling.

But that's not of interest to you all! Here's some web news: I just posted this picture using Blogger's own free image hosting service. That's new and very, very nice. There is absolutely nothing to it, you really just use the button on the post editor that didn't work before now. All the more reason to use this free and easy service. Now if they only let you categorize your posts and view by category, then there would be almost no reason for me to consider using other, paid blog software services.

I am currently recommending Blogger to clients with limited programming skills because of the simplicity. It's also simpler for me to focus on the skills I have around training in use of the medium than it would be to develop new programming skills faster than I already am.

Just for kicks, here's one more photo of me. I rarely post anything personal here, but I thought I'd try out the image hosting service and give regular readers a glimpse of what I look like. What does this image say? " Hire me, I never rest?" Hmmm...

We'll see how this image hosting plays out in the long run, how usable it is, etc. I'll probably put one or both of these images in the My Services section and keep an eye on them over time.

Discovered via The Blog Herald.

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