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Marshall's Web Tool Blog

Training and Consulting in New Tools for Effective Web Use

This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Bloglet: Email notification of new articles

In recognition of the fact that not everyone reads blogs with an RSS reader (introduction to concepts, if needed) I have installed an email subscription field, via a service called Bloglet. It looks like a very good service, but we'll have to see. I'll subscribe to it myself first.

When training researchers, I would never suggest subscribing to email notifications because RSS is so much easier, more centralized, more organized, etc. But, when training people for promotion, I would definitely recommend using an email notification system because RSS just isn't that widespread yet and you want your content to be accessible. So, if you haven't started using a free RSS reader yet, check out my introductory article and simple demo account via this link. If you still prefer reading your news updates via email, or aren't in the habit yet of using RSS regularly as a primary info channel...then let's try out the Bloglet email system. I hope it will help build the community of readers around this site and new web tools in general.

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