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Blogs Gone Nuclear

Came upon a fascinating blog today called NEI Nuclear Notes, owned by the Nuclear Energy Institute, a Washington-based policy organization that represents the American nuclear industry. It's simple, but very well done. There are 11 contributors, but the vast majority of posts come from one man. There are multiple posts every day, mostly reposts of nuke related news from other sites with added commentary and links to the organization's information about the topics discussed. Each post is tagged with a Technorati Tag, and the site gets more traffic than you might expect!

It's quite an example of high-quality news and information gathering for a political purpose. It certainly makes one wonder what people with other perspectives on such matters could be doing with blogs and related technologies! One way to look for groups that are doing something like that would be to do a Technorati search for the NEI Nuclear Note's URL address, like this, and see who is linking to this interesting pro-nuclear group.

Update: Nuclear Notes detected the link from here to there right away, presumably through Technorati, and now I'm getting lots of traffic today. From nuclear industry folks! How funny. Well, hi folks! Hope you have a nice time here. Please help get us out of this apocalyptic mess we're in, and ask yourself honestly whether nuclear energy is part of the solution or not. Not to preach, but I couldn't help but make one little comment.

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