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Google Shoots Down Mash-Up Of Itself

So the folks over at XtraGoogle say they've been ordered to take down the site upon orders by Google. Bummer! XtraGoogle was a site that had graphic icons for many of the Google services that are not described on the front page of Google.com. You typed your search term into the box, then clicked one of the services (eg. Google Maps, Google Scholar, Google Video, etc.) and then it took you to the results page of that Google Search.

Why would Google do this? They weren't losing any ad revenue, as the searches ultimately ended up on their page with their ads. Xtragoogle just looked better and was more functional for users of Google's many services. The only thing I can think of it that it was a matter of control. That's a real shame. At a time when other companies are releasing their source code, engaging in collaboration, enlisting their biggest fans instead of suing them, etc. - why does Google keep doing things like this?

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