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Lawrence, KS: Newspaper Tech Convergence

Just listened to a wonderful, funny podcasted talk by Rob Curley, the head of online activity at the Lawrence Journal World. It is absolutely incredible how much multi-media content and user contribution they have going on, for a news site focused on a town of 80 thousand! It's a great talk and gives you some idea of the future that news/multi-media organizations may have ahead of them.

One tidbit: every little kid who plays sports in the town has their own web page, with box scores, cumulative stats, an audio interview and a service to compare their stats with any other player! T-ball players, even. It's adorable. And parents can sign up to receive an automatic email or cell phone text message if a game gets canceled. The KU basketball team's section of the paper's site offers to text fans' phones every ten minutes during a game with an update, and last weekend 5,000 people were signed up for the service! Of course there's far more involved than sports, but that's just some of the most endearing.

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