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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

NPtech: Non-Profit Tech Adoption via Web 2.0

Just came across a whole community of people working to help non-profit's adopt new tech (via Technorati tag search for non-profit). One of the funnest I've found so far is Peter Campbell's blog, which is a good place to start looking around for like-minded folks. He and his associates (including some folks from TechSoup.org, who I wrote about earlier) are using the tag "nptech" in delicious to create a stream of found web content about non-profit tech issues. Despite my frustrations with Del.icio.us, this is really exciting. The tag "nptech" is now being called an attention stream - items online tagged as related to a particular subject that many people keep consistent watch over (via RSS). Cool. You can view the stream at this Del.icio.us page, or better yet, at this Technorati Tag search page.

I'll start contributing to that via Technorati tags, though I'll be darned if I fire up the old Delicious account again. Of course, if Furl got it together like Spurl does to cross post to your delicious account automatically, then we'd be in business. True cross platform collaboration. But I suppose if you'd prefer to go back to the days when you could only call people who had telephone service from the same companyas you did...

Said group is also starting a site just for this attention stream and related resources, with an as yet undetermined name. Check it out here.

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