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Posting equals traffic

I haven't posted here in several days, my other jobs are asking a lot of my time this week, I've been taking some personal time and I've been working with clients instead of blogging. As a result, I had fewer people visit this blog yesterday (3) than had in a month. (Most days between 15 and 35 people view this blog. I think that's great given that I haven't done any promotion.)

It's pretty clear that posting articles is what gets people reading what you've written. Even older content is more likely to be seen if there is new content brining people to your site. I've been trying to write one post per day for awhile, but the extreme end of the spectrum looks very different still. Anna Marie Cox, who writes the D.C. gossip blog Wonkette, said in a recent audio interview posted on the wonderful siteIT Conversations that she is contractually obligated to write 12 blog posts every day! As part of the Gawker Media blog empire, she's paid ultimately by advertising dollars. And advertising rates rise and are sold according to page impressions, or reader numbers. It is an established fact, not just for me, that more posting equals more readers.

Blogging daily is a hard routine to get into (imagine 12 posts per day! ) but it's something that separates the serious online players from those of us that just use the internet for our various purposes. Both orientations are of course just fine. But establishing a name for yourself and making an impact in online discourse appears to require very regular posting. If your blog is just a support service for your real work elsewhere, then daily posting may not be needed. But either way, it is good to push yourself to try and regularly write about your work, experiences and thoughts. If you are proud of what you do, then it will probably be interesting and valuable for others to read about.

Blog posts need not be very long, and the writing practice is great - since most peoples' writing skills are awful. But adding anything new to your routine, even if it's something designed for easy adoption, is difficult.

As an aside, the Wonkette interview is a great discussion on blogging, politics, ethics and the high-end of the industry. I recommend it for sure.

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