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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Search to RSS Permutations and Problems

Update: After the comment was posted below from someone from Feedster prompting me to retry my search, the function appears to be working now. I don't know if it was my mistake or not, but the complaining below no longer seems to apply. My apologies to the company. Go check out Feedster!

Just tried out Feedster for the first time. It's a cool looking blogosphere search engine, but it has one problem that makes it unusable for me.

I really like the way that after doing my search the first time there was an option that read, "many of your search results are from livejournal.com. Would you like to exclude livejournal or search only inside livejournal.com?" When I tried excluding LiveJournal it then told me that many of my results were from Blogger! Cool! Unfortunatley, persistent search results as an RSS feed were available for
  • "search terms as whole quoted phrase"
  • search terms as ungrouped words (no quotes) minus results from LiveJournal.com
But when I tried to do my search as a whole quoted phrase (in my case, a 3 word corporation name) and exclude LiveJournal results, the RSS feed was broken! Apparently "" and -site: in the same search query was more than Feedster could handle, and that's exactly what I need. Maybe it will work in an hour, but I doubt it.

Not to be mean, but this is just another example of how all these nifty tools are only as useful as the people who design and maintain them! They even have a "developers' wiki" but it's filled with nothing but links to online pharmacies and other link spam. I reverted the front page back to its pre-spam content, but every other page looks trashed too. What a shame. There are lots of other persistent search to rss options out there, but I sure wish Feedster worked. It looks cool.

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