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Technorati Beta Improvements - Yay!

Technorati's new Beta release looks like a major improvement on the old Technorati blog search engine experience! It's the best search engine for finding out what people in the blogosphere are saying about any given subject. The service says it is currently tracking 11.1 million sites and 1.2 billion links.

Right away I can see that they have changed the Technorati Tag Search to allow you to look at ALL of the items tagged with your queried subject tag, instead of just the 20 most recent. That's good, because I was about to freak out. Technorati tags are the dominant tag classification system on the web right now, and for them to only display 20 results was a shirking of their responsibility. Not a problem anymore.

Tags are a way that all users can classify things they write or find on the web; subject classification is no longer centralized in the hands of directories, web masters, and other authority figures. Try out any subject of interest to you in a Beta Technorati Tag Search and you'll see what a fantastic research resource it is. Any blogs, Flickr photos (and Buzznet photos too), del.icio.us and Furl bookmarks that have been tagged with your search term appear in your search results.

In addition to tags, Technorati is also one of the best ways to see who is linking to your blog. See my previous post "Reputation Tracking and Rapid Response."

Related: Technorati's founder Dave Sifry's 15 minute talk at the Web 2.0 conference.

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