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What does Furl call a Tag?

Just sent this email to Furl after ongoing discussion with Delicious lovers demanded clarification. (Both of those are Social Bookmarking Tools.) I hope they will respond soon. It's a fairly big question, but they've always been good about responding to my questions in the past. Watch this spot for their reply, hopefully!

Help, I love Furl for many reasons, but am having a hard time convincing Delicious users that Furl is as usable. There is a real lack of clarity around the relationship between what everyone else calls "tags" and what Furl uses. I believe that "topics" are the equivalent, is this correct?

What is the Furl equivalent to seeing all items users have "tagged" with a certain term? Is there a way to exclude full text search and just search by topic, or keyword?

Is Furl planning on somehow integrating with the rest of the folksonomic and tagging community? I love that Furl lets Technorati include its search results (and other people too) but the relationship between what everyone else is calling tags and your whole world could really use some clarification. I'll post this email to my blog, so maybe you could reply there. Thanks for your time and your great service.

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