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Blog Search Buzz- What does the future hold?

Readers may notice that I've replaced the Technorati search box on my blog with one from Blogdigger. I'll be replacing the Technorati box on all my client blogs as well. I am thrilled that the Blogdigger box actually works, and in a reasonable amount of time. (The rad service over at GrabPERF indicates that Blogdigger is about 5 times faster than Technorati right now.) Blogdigger works especially well in conjunction with Ping-O-Matic, a wonderful service that lets you one-click notify many of the major blog search engines that you've updated your site and it should be reindexed. Yay!

It's too bad Ping-O-Matic doesn't ping Feedster and Bloglines. I'd email all three companies about that, but I shouldn't have to now that I've blogged about it. All three should automatically discover this blog post. Cool, huh?

Anyway, blog search is a huge. Technorati is huge, and having problems scaling up. They say they'll get the situation under control in the next few weeks, but I feel like they've been saying that for awhile.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Business Week's awesome blog called Blogspotting have written a number of stories about blog search that are themselves good entry points into the discussion at a variety of sites. I've left comments a number of places there, and I don't have time to repeat or repost them here. Good articles to read are here, this one is ok, and this is a story with a graph that Blogspotting reblogged.

We'll see where all this goes, but as I've posted at greater length elsewhere, my two top priorities for blog search are these:

Give me Tagcentral.net's variety of tag searches, not Technorati Tag Search's limited number of sources. Give me Clusty style choosable metasearch, only for blogs and tags (give me a live preview window like Clusty too, for goodness sake). Don't give me Bloglines persistent-search RSS feed lock-in (see my comment here) give me search feed URLs I can grab and include in a persistent-search suite for clients. Give me some sort of standard for tagging that isn't going to give me nightmares that Technorati or whoever is going to stop working altogether at any moment.

Is all that too much to ask? I'm sure lots of other folks want the same things.

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