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Great Podcasts: The Podshow Network

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn and be entertained. I listen to them on the way to work, on the way home, when I walk the dog, darn near every chance I get. And as a result, I feel better informed about my particular field of interest (web tech) and about up to date global politics than a University education ever made me feel.

One of the most interesting phenomena in podcasting today is the excellent network of shows called The Podshow Network. Carefully selected, the Podshow shows are well produced, informative, entertaining and irreverent. Here's a short description of each of them:

The Dawn and Drew Show - The original rock stars of podcasting, this couple of 30 year olds in Wisconsin (?) sit and talk about nothing in particular, often podcasting and sex. They do it twice a week and they have a huge listenership because they are very good at it. Charming, funny and very into audience participation. This is the best example of what personal podcasting can be. The podosphere is now filled with imitators.

The Accident Hash- Mostly music with a high-energy host. Done in tangent with the very impressive Podsafe Music Network, a hub of music offered by musicians for podcasters to play for free on their shows. Very successful so far, and some of the music is quite good. Accident Hash highlights one of the Network's founder's favorites.

The Skinny on Sports - Never listened to it.

The Gilmore Gang - A handful of experts having lively conversation about tech news, often web tech, including many of the things I write about here. If you are looking for more in depth information, this is a great source of it. I really like this show a lot.

Yeast Radio - Madge Weinstein's uber-raunchy but very political talk show. This is a great show that I listen to every time a new episode is released. Sometimes it's silly and pointless, often it's fantastic. Great guests, like filmmakers and artists from around the world. Lots of fun.

Rock and Roll Geek Show -Said to be a music show with very knowledgeable host. Never listened.

The Daily Source Code - Podshow founder and father of podcasting Adam Curry (of MTV fame) hosts a very well produced daily show mostly about podcasting. It's actually very good and I listen to it every chance I get. He also plays mash-ups sent in by listeners (two or more songs mixed together to create a new sound, but playing on the old songs.) If you want to get a great idea of how excited people are about podcasting, check out the first sone played in this episode. It's a rockin' song all about how wonderful this new medium is. It's cool.

Sound Seeing Tours - A great concept, we'll see how well executed it is. I listened to a walk through London the day after the first bombings this month. Kind of interesting. Right now the newest shows are one about a skydiving trip, Adam Curry taking a late night walk through San Francisco, a tour of the Seattle Art Museum and a hot-air balloon ride at "The Jackson Hot Air Jubilee."

So check out the Podshow Network. You can listen to any of the shows on your computer, or you can download them onto an iPod or other portable mp3 player (I got mine on clearance at Radio Shack for $40 and it's totally worth it.)

A list of some of the podcasts I've recently downloaded runs on the left sidebar of this blog, and the full list is available here. Online resources I've bookmarked about podcasting are here.

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