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IBM summarizes RSS for their investors

IBM already has more than 3,600 internal blogs, written by employees for other employees to read. Now the company is utilizing new web tools to communicate with the public as well. A good short description of the benefits of RSS has appeared on the Investor Relations page of the IBM website.
The two IBM investor relations series mentioned above will have an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. What does this do for you? Well, if you subscribe to the feed, you will be alerted whenever there is new material available. There is no clutter in your inbox and there is no need to share any of your personal information to sign up. You read the articles only when you wish—and if you get interested in subscribing to other RSS feeds you will enjoy the efficiency that this open technology already delivers to many others who have a need to stay up to date with a wide variety of news sources.

The creepy corporate world is adopting RSS as a natural matter of course; it would be a huge lost opportunity for them not to. Once you adopt RSS feed reading into your regular information consumption routine, you too will wonder what took you so long.

Microsoft will be including many RSS based features in their future software, but I'm guessing that just like current entry-level RSS tools (Safari, MyYahoo), some of the newsreading functionality will still be far more limited than what's available with a web based RSS aggregator.

Put a web based RSS aggregator together with a social bookmarking tool and you're really in business - able to read, file, access and share a huge amount of content efficiently from any computer online. IBM has it figured out, and they are no friend of justice or freedom - so I hope readers here will adopt these technologies for good work.

Related: See, for example, Google search "IBM and apartheid", and the website for the award winning book "IBM and the Holocaust" .

Found via Moonwatching and Scripting.com

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