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Multimedia: New Podcast Search Engine with RSS feeds!

Blinkx.com is now offering podcast search. That's rad. Somehow this company, as Podscope.com does as well, searches the "full text" of podcasts for your search terms. At least, I think this is what Blinkx.com is doing. It might just be searching the shownotes. One way or the other, it's great. The search interface is really nice too, actually on both of the above engines. However (yay!) unlike Podscope, Blinkx offers RSS feeds for every search. I am beside myself with joy! Now I can be notified whenever any new podcasts are found with my search terms in it, without having to go look myself. Yay! Why does Podscope not offer this? Why does every search engine not offer this? I have no idea.

Blinkx.com is most well known for their TV and video search, offering real clips of TV news shows wherein your search terms are used. It's awesome. They have a limited selection of sources, but it's a pretty good selection. The alternative is Google Video, which searches lots of even local TV news station broadcast transcripts, but has strange things going on as to whether it will show you a clip, show you a transcript or only show you a paragraph of transcript. Hopefully it will improve soon. (Yahoo News offers a video/audio, but anyone whose results for search term "immigration," for example, consist of one item that's 3 weeks old...that service isn't functioning as far as I'm concerned.)

I would write about some comparison searches between Blinkx and Podscope here, but I'm not going to use a search engine that doesn't offer RSS feeds unless I have to. Blinkx is indexing Democracy Now so for now I'm happy. I wish they would index Free Speech Radio News and the A-Infos Radio Project, but you can only ask for so much from corporate America. I'm thrilled they are doing what they are.

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