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Newsgator is Down

Now I know that I haven't posted here in several days, and I feel bad about that, but I'm not a huge company with lots of employees and a healthy budget. I'm just me. Newsgator, however, is a big company and so I would like to be able to go to their blog and read some explanation of why their service is currently down and when I can expect it to return. Their blog gets posted to about once or twice a week, and usually just to cheerlead what they are doing.

To be fair, Newsgator has done some great customer service for me in the past. But as a client said to me last week when del.ico.us was unavailable for several hours, "these tools are unlikely to be more widely adopted until they are reliable and intuitive." Now I don't know about the intuitive part, but doesn't it seem like one Web 2.0 service or another is unavailable almost every day?

When I wanted to figure out what was going on with Del.icio.us, I visited the official blog, found some reference to new servers being added, and posted a comment asking "is this why your service was unavailable for parts of the weekend?" The head of the organization posted a response that said, yes - that's why we were having problems. Thank you!

The Newsgator blog makes no mention of service problems that I can see, and does not even allow comments to be posted! Posts are categorized, but there's only one category: "weblogs" Ugh. Has anybody over there read the ClueTrain or not?

I'm going to keep using Newsgator for now, and recommending it to other people. But I'd love to see a free, web-based RSS reader that was more responsive to the Web 2.0 ethos. I'd like to see them openly discuss their up-time, too, like web hosting companies do.

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