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RSS Confusion Stalls Adoption

From All Things RSS: Musings on RSS from and Investor's Point of View

RSS is arguably the core of what makes a blog a blog. Being able to review dozens, or more, of posts as they update in real time is central to the value that blogs can provide. Unfortunately, the presentation of both the concept and the mechanics of RSS failed utterly with test participants. And in fact, even the basic idea of RSS ran afoul of users’ fear of unwanted costs and spam.

This sums it up well. If you think blogs are powerful, wait till you start reading blogs via RSS. It will change your world. (If you think blogs are a flash in the pan, I hope you are at least caught up enough to know that voice mail and photocopy machines are here to stay. What part of easy, fast information sharing online seems flaky to you?)

I cannot explain the above mentioned problems with RSS adoption other than as a result of the incredible difficulty of explaining the tool, without walking some one through initial use. It is for that purpose that I created this explanation box. I would love to get some feedback on it. Ultimately, however, I think that walking a person through subscribing to and reading RSS feeds is the most effective way to assist in adoption of this vital, powerful technology.

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