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BlogAlert System for Committee to Protect Bloggers

Over at the site of The Committee To Protect Bloggers (CPB) there has been some discussion recently about creating a system for supporters to reblog key CPB articles about bloggers in danger of imprisonment, state interrogation, etc. That would amplify the calls for assistance for said blogger by creating a support network to spread the word - like what we in the U.S. call a phone-tree. The initial idea was to tag such items BlogAlert in the CPB blog, but I thought it might be nice to have a more automated option too.

What I did was create a new category in the CPB blog for articles to be filed under BlogAlert. I then found the unique RSS feed for that category (thanks to Julian Wolfson, Project Director at Civiblog.org, hosts of CPB and other social justice oriented organizations). I then ran that RSS feed through the awesome new tool FeedDigest to create a javascript code snippet. I formatted everything up as pretty as I could (subjective, I know) and put it the code snippet into my blog template. Now my readers will see any new BlogAlerts in a box in my sidebar - automatically. Nothing's been posted yet, so I've got the box in a quiet place, but I expect I'll move it somewhere more prominently once it gets active.

So...if you'd like to support the cause of free speech on the internet, the right of bloggers to be critical of their governments without being imprisoned or worse - then you too can grab the code snippet below and put it into your blog's template. Then voila, you and your readers will automatically get the headlines of any new BlogAlerts about bloggers in danger. Pretty cool, huh?

This principle can applied anywhere and presents a world of possibilities. Let me know if you'd like any help setting up something like this for your blog or website. You can syndicate search results, items you or others have given a certain tag, etc. etc. I think it's very exciting. So, with no further ado, below is the code snippet you can copy and paste into your blog to get the CPB BlogAlert box for your readers to see. Let me know if you have any troubles. I'll let you know if there are any further developments.

<!-- CPB Blog Alert system --><fieldset style="padding:4px"><h2>Blog Alerts</h2><p>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://app.feeddigest.com/digest3/DUKSBUZMKE.js"><noscript><a href="http://app.feeddigest.com/digest3/DUKSBUZMKE.html">Click for "Blog Alert from CPB".</a> By <a href="http://www.feeddigest.com/">Feed Digest</a></noscript></script><p> <strong>via <a href="http://committeetoprotectbloggers.civiblog.org">The Committee to Protect Bloggers</a></strong></fieldset><a href="http://committeetoprotectbloggers.civiblog.org/blog/_archives/2005/8/26/1172112.html">
<em>Add BlogAlert to Your Site</em></a>


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