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Gender and New Media: Blogher wrap-ups

In case anyone doesn't know, Blogher, a big conference on women in the blogosphere happened last weekend. Lots of blog posts and photos aggregated by the Technorati Tag blogher. There's a good narrative wrap up over at Crossroads Dispatches, super-geek Mary Hodder (blogging at Napsterization.org ) writes about practical, pro-active responses to gender disparity (and a very useful looking wiki).

It looks like a very well run conference and very fulfilling for participants by most accounts.

Presumably, IT Conversations will post audio files from the event soon, as they were amongst the media sponsors. For now, not much audio that's findable for me anyway. Blinkx.com found 2 results (both men talking about the conference before it occurred) and Podscope.com found zero. I have subscribed to the RSS feed for Blinkx's podcast search for "blogher conference" and will thus know whenever any new audio content is found. Sure can't do that with Podscope!

Blogher is also a great place to find links to women and pro-women blogs. It looks pretty cool.

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