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Google News Adds RSS Feeds

This is good news. Lots of people like Google News, they index a lot of news sources. For some obnoxious reason, they took a long time to start offering RSS feeds for your searches. Finally that day has come, so you can grab the feed URL of any search you do in Google News and plop it into your RSS reader. Then, any time that a new result is available for your search, you'll receive it automatically in your reader inbox. I've always called this persistent search, and it's a key way to stay on top of your field of interest. I've written about work I've done for clients using persistent search a number of places, but primarily in "Persistent Search to RSS Options" and "Stop Wasting Time with Failed Searches."

There are many great search options beyond Google, but given its strengths and popularity, having RSS feeds available there is good news for sure.

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