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Google Talk: Look Out Skype?

So, Google just announced that they are offering a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) tool, for making free long distance voice communication over the internet, called Google Talk. It appears to be a direct attack on Skype's huge market dominance. (see Wikipedia on Skype) Contrary to the interests of all humanity, the two systems do not appear to be able to communicate with each other. Bummer. So, a quick survey of the discussion over at SkypeJournal brings us the following information.

  • Google Talk drops calls, has inferior sound quality and takes a long time to connect (sometimes 30+ minutes! Skype is almost instantaneous). None probably insurmountable problems, though, given Google's resources.
  • Skype has far more features, greater reliability, etc.
  • Google Talk works powerfully with GMail, but you also have to have a GMail account to use it!
  • And I'd like to add that I doubt Google Talk will see, encourage or perhaps even allow, the huge number of enthusiasts to become developers and other key parts of its community. Skype is seriously awesome.
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