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This site is an archive of posts that I hope you will find useful. Please visit my new site at Marshallk.com.

Podcasting About Great Podcasts

Oh my goodness, I am so excited. Podcasts are a huge part of my life, but until today I had never posted one before. Here it is. And it wasn't too difficult at all. It's an experimental podcast about podcasts. Talking about how much I love them, using the ones I listened to yesterday as examples. Show notes are below.

Sound quality is surprisingly good, I think, but next time I'll block the nose exhaling puff. And I'll probably turn up the volume, no? Let me know what you think. No music yet, that's the next step. I'm just posting this for now as I learn how to do it. I hope it works out on your end!

After the link to the file are the shownotes (links I discussed in the podcast) followed by a brief explanation of how I did it. I snuck out onto my front porch at my new house so as to not wake anyone, at about 2:30 AM.

Here's the podcast. It's about 15 minutes long, a 15 mb mp3 file. (note: the host I chose, libsyn.com, is getting slammed today. It's taking me several tries to get other podcasts through them as well, so it might take a minute to grab this one. The explosion of users in these new media make scaling up a real challenge.)


  1. Daily Source Code - Adam "The Podfather" Curry's daily news from the podosphere & beyond. August 8th edition a family vacation-cast, recommended primarily (by me) for long-time listeners.
  2. Podshow Network's Podsquad Adam Curry led podcast all-star team, of sorts. Good stuff.
  3. Yeast Radio Not for the faint of heart, highly recommended for everyone else. Did I mention that this is not something that people who are easily offended would enjoy? It really is good though, and it gets better after listening to many episodes over time. Here's a link to the August 8th edition I discussed.
  4. C-Net News.com Daily News Summary Here's the August 5th and August 8th shows I listened to and discussed.
  5. Diggnation - audio and video coverage of Digg.com, the collaborative tech-newswire. See also this blog article I wrote about this whole phenomenon.
  6. Longtail.com is all about the long tail theory.
  7. Slashdot Review is a podcast review of top stories on Slashdot. It's hard to grab the audio files, you have to subscribe to one of the RSS feeds. Once you've done that you are set though.
  8. Gilmour Gang the rad tech round-table. Here's the Aug 8th episode about "attention data." Here's the AttentionTrust.org effort discussed. Skype, the free long distance phone calls over the internet.
  9. Media Artist Secrets one of many interesting shows I discovered through PodcastAwards.com
  10. Wikipedia entry on OPML - the list exporter and more. Read about it on the blog of one of the main developers, Dave Winer. Or check out his occasional podcast, Morning Coffee Notes. Dave was also key in the invention of RSS and podcasting. Some people say he's obnoxious, but considering how fundamental he's been in the creation of one of the most exciting periods in the history of human communication - I think he's damn humble.

Ok, them's the shownotes. Here's the file again in case you missed it. Look for lots more and better podcasts coming from me, darnit.

I need to move on to other things, I'll write more later about how I did it. Here's the super short version, though.
  1. 128 mb portable WAV/MP3 player I bought from Radio Shack for $40 on clearance. It records just fine, I think. This little thing is like a limb to me. Is that bad?
  2. 4Music's WAV to MP3 converter - trial version. My recorder makes WAV files, you probably want to hear MP3. Easy enough with this.
  3. Audacity to edit a little bit. It's free and easy. Gotta love it. I'd heard about it for a long time, but it really is very cool. Some pain involved with figuring out export/saving, but with a little experimentation it worked. I'll probably blog about how to use Audacity later, if I continue to.
  4. Libsyn hosting. I uploaded to their sandbox, username sandbox password sandbox. It seems to have worked fine. I will probably buy a $5 a month account here. There are several other services like Libsyn, but they seem the most transparent. Lots of my favorite podcasts use them, and they look good.
Alright, this has been a long post. Next time I do this, it will take me a lot less time. Hope you find the info of interest.

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