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Podcasts to Threaten Big Media, Big Media Columnist Says

PCMag columnist and industry analyst John Dvorak wrote the following today:
There is no doubt in my mind that podcasting is not only here to stay but will also shortly threaten established media broadcast systems. It's not so much that they will all be destroyed by homebrew networks, but podcasts will be taking away just enough listeners to be a major concern.

His column goes on to discuss how fully many people give up listening to commercial radio once they start listening to podcasts. I know I loathe the times I get stuck with nothing but a radio dial in front of me, and I listen to podcast all day long. There is a simply unfathomable variety of wonderful podcasts out there already - niche broadcasting, on demand, time and place shifted and free of the constraints of commercial media. It's great.

Three good places to find podcasts you might be interested in are: podcast directories like Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle, podcast search engines like Blinkx.com and via other peoples' recommendations - like my Furl archive of podcasts downloaded and podcasts to listen to.

Podcasting is a high-value content channel, I really believe it is. In my opinion, the percentage of podcasts that are worth listening to is much higher than the percentage of blogs worth reading. Mostly because it does take time and energy to make podcasts, more than it does to make a bad blog. But the possibilities for the medium are endless. I highly encourage people to, at the very least, try listening to some podcasts for the first time.

Found via Steve Rubel's MicroPersuasion.

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