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Wow! Ping Automatically With Feedburner!

I have been totally excited for the last 24 hours since I read about Feedburner's new automatic pinging service! Here's what it means: Feedburner is an RSS feed creating service. They track your subscribers, make your feed groovy, etc. Pinging means to notify search engines, RSS readers, and other interested computers that you have new content on your website that needs to be indexed. It's a key part of getting your content read, searchable and lots of other things.

Now Feedburner will automatically ping services of your choice every time you make a new blog post! Previously, bloggers had to manually ping using a ping clearing house like Ping-o-Matic or Pingoat (my favorite). Several of my clients were not pinging these services manually because it was just one more semi-complicated step in the blog posting process. (See this post on maximizing your blog traffic.) Still, I really like the folks over at Pingoat and I'll miss them. I guess we'll see if Feedburner's perfomance is acceptable, and if not then I'll go back to Pingoat.

I am very excited about this. I will be transferring the clients who aren't using Feedburner over to a Feedburner feed, and with pinging occurring I will be able to insert a Blogdigger search box. Blogdigger won't index new blogs on accident very easily, it needs to be pinged. And if it doesn't index your blog, you can't use its search box (see my left sidebar) to search inside the blog. Blogdigger is far preferable to Technorati, which is slow and only searches the front page of your blog! So this is very good news.

This is a great example of the kind of application integration that the big guys are focusing on in "enterprise software" suites or "busses." Us little folks have to find the same types of functionality in our end-user web applications if we're going to keep up.

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